French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron launches GE 9HA gas turbine

Andrew J. Lammas VP of Engineering Power Generation in front of 9HA Turbine test rig

Andrew J. Lammas VP of Engineering Power Generation in front of 9HA Turbine test rig

Nicholas Newman 29 May 2015

It is designed to power a city the size of Birmingham with 400,000 households from its output of 397 MW for the turbine on its own or a whopping 570 MW in the combined cycle. Not surprisingly, the GE 9HA gas turbine is the size of a house; its technological component parts certainly impress the onlooker.Belfort – 28 May 2015-French economy minister Emmanuel Macron came to the launch of GE’S latest gas turbine, the GE 9HA gas turbine at its Belfort complex in South-Eastern France near the Swiss border. He said about the 9HA launch, “It is a great day for French industrial expertise and innovation.” This device is not only the latest but also the biggest new gas turbine of its kind in the world.

About GE’s  9HA Gas Turbine


Throughout the 9HA, there are hundreds of sensors, which enable real-time performance analytics and optimize its use conditions accordingly. GE claims that such features mean unmatched efficiency, easier maintenance, and lower operating costs.

In addition, Victor Abate, CEO, Power Generation Products at GE Power & Water says. “Our 9HA advanced technology helps to drive leading performance, lower emissions, and improved project economics.” He claims that the 9HA is nimble for such a large beast, able to achieve full output in a mere 28 minutes, compared to a similar sized coal turbine, taking up to one hour to reach full output. For a machine this size, this is a record. This means that it is not only ideal for base load generation, but also responding to rapid market changes because of the fluctuations in demand caused by renewable generation.


Victor Abate President GE Power Generation Products, said, “GE 9HA gas turbine took a team of 1800 employees three years of intensive development and €100 million to create on the assembly line and test bench capable of building and testing these giant turbines.” Though each turbine weighs as much as an Airbus A380 super-jumbo jet, it is constructed with a micron-level precision by specialized technicians and engineers with precision tools.

The market for GE’s  9HA Gas Turbine

“Already, there are nine confirmed global orders for the GE 9HA gas turbine, three from the US, 4 from Europe and Russia and 2 from Japan,” said Francois Cavin General Manager GE Products Finance. In addition, there is interest from Turkey for three turbine plants.

A second device is due to be delivered to THK-16 OAO gas power plant in Kazan, Tearstan  in Russia, as part of plans to improve power system reliablity,

The first production model 9HA leaves for northern France in a special convoy, leaving the Belfort plant on June 25th. It will be one of the largest road transport operations in European history. For the journey, the turbine will be mounted on a 100-meter long platform and travel first by road, then down the Escault River towards the North of France. It will take approximately two weeks of high-precision transportation to move this giant turbine from Belfort’s factory to EDF’s Bouchain power plant, near Lillie and the Belgium border.


The plant is located where Europe’s cross-border interconnectors serve not only the French, but also the Belgium and English markets, making it an ideal location to supply peak power in all those markets. The new-generation GE model will be installed at an existing plant at Bouchain by 2015 when an existing coal-fired thermal power plant is phased out. The plant will cost 400 million euros ($536 million), EDF Chief Executive Officer Henri Proglio has said. The project is part of a “strategic partnership” with GE and aimed at modernizing EDF’s thermal plants by 2023.

For more about the GE 9HA Gas Turbine

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