Electricity from Fossil Fuels in Germany

The use of fossil fuels for generating electricity has gone down in Germany over the past few years as can be seen in the picture below. The underlying data have been taken from Eurostat.


Fig. 1: Fossil fuel consumption for electricity generation in Germany

As the amount of regenerative energy is increasing, the use of coal and lignite is going down. However, coal still plays an important role as a backup capacity whenever wind and solar energy fail to cover Germany´s energy needs.


Capacity factors for combustible fuels in UK and Germany

Capacity factors for electricity generation with combustible fuels have changed significantly in the past two-and-a-half decades, data from Eurostat suggest.

This is clearly linked to the strong increase of regenerative power sources which leads to longer periods when conventional power generation is running in stand-by mode.

Capacity factor fossile fuels UK-DE-1991-2015-v2