This blog is managed by Manfred Jacobi, founder and CEO of VMIS, a company specialised in energy consulting.

Our main fields of activity are:

Energy efficiency

Energy markets and forecasts

Economic analysis

Renewable energies

Statistical analysis

The field of energy is vast. Thousands of experts are covering different areas such as oil production, wind farms, solar panels, hydroelectricity etc. With each expert sitting in his/her own specialization communication between them may be difficult. Moreover, apart from the various technical experts there are numerous other stakeholders in the field: businesses, consumers, decision makers etc. All of them depend on energy and all of them need to understand each other in order to contribute sucessfully to our energy future.

Energy is a serious issue. Too serious to leave it to wishful thinking. Nevertheless visions and fresh ideas are crucial. Like in everyday life new concepts and groundbreaking thoughts need to stand a reality check. That is why the postings on this blog are very much based on solid facts. This may help us to see what is possible and which path to follow in the future.

vmisenergy.com considers itself a platform where experts from various fields may communicate with a wider audience in order to raise the understanding on energy issues.


Manfred Jacobi (MJ) 

Founder and CEO of VMIS Energy, Sweden.
Field of work: energy consulting, renewables, energy efficiency, economic and statistical analyses
Background: more than 20 years of experience in the areas of energy and research
Interests: too many to be listed here
Contact details: manfred.jacobi (at) gmail.com, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/manfred-jacobi/2a/4b1/40a

Wouter Leduc

Working at Ploos van Amstel Milieu Consulting, The Netherlands.
Field of work: energy consultancy (sustainable energy management, energy saving, renewable energy)
Background: environmental health sciences & energy and environmental sciences
Interests: transition to sustainable urban areas; use of sustainable energy and materials and the links between those; organic food and sustainable transportation
Nicholas Newman
Energy journalist, Headington, Oxfordshire, UK
Specialised in EU energy, transport and economic development issues, with emphasis on the geo-political and economic realities that underlie current controversies and policies.

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